How to make Japanese curry

Japanese Style Curry


I had to do this as an assignment... so I didn't want to waste all that hard work for not letting anyone else benefit. If you want to make this vegetarian style... just don't add any meat! It will still be tasty. On a side note... I eat meat a couple times a week now to gain back the weight I lost when I had the flu earlier this year. -___-.. I know I havn't posted in so long, but I was soo busy with school and right now Im getting over -a cold- omg -.0. I know I've been ignoring my penpals too... Don't worry I havn't forgotten about any of you. Oh and if your checking my journal about packages I sent them a loooong time ago. Some of you guys are so hard to e-mail or send notes on LJ. Just look out for them. :)
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Made by wanderlust_icon, thank you !

Happy New year

I am so happy its new years. Today I did a maaaajooor shopping spree, and yesterday as well.
I bought:
-hello kitty stationary
-A Rowenta Iron from best buy- Its a midrange model for about 50 $- but I think it is very nice and has a very good steam!
- An ironing board from Marukai
- Heart Egg shapers from Marukai
- 2 Yankee candles (it was buy one get one free!) In Cider Donut scent and Sparkling Vanilla

And then today I bought:
-A skirt on EGL SALES :D
- A crockpot from a Macy's that was having a 30%-50% off sale :D !
-A Breadman Bread maker (FINALLY!)
- 4 pots and pans
(stuff I've been waiting to get forever!)

And then..since that macys didnt have any JUICY COUTURE perfume, I went to the one in montclair and bought Juicy Couture Perfume, my boyfriend pitched in 20$ so I could have a big bottle ! What a sweetheart. It smells really nice and the bottle is super cute! (I'll post pics later)

And then I bought about 4 hand soaps from Bath & body works, I am not fond of body care from their, but handsoaps are really nice from there. I bought aromatherapy ones with peppermint, and they made my hands feel nice and cold. It was buy 2 get 2 free, so it was a good deal !

My boyfriend went to barnes and noble to get a couple books, he got the Aranzi Aranzo book 3. :D. We also tried Beard Papa for the first time at Victoria Gardens..omg it was so good.

Not to mention my BABY order arrived the other day, so I was all decked out in lolita shopping :P. I'll post pics of that too.

I'll totally post pictures later :D

This morning...

Merry Christmas Eve everyone ! Before I go to work today, I thought I would update. My boyfriend was doing a little Christmas shopping, so we were at the British Tea Emporium in upland. They have a really cute and tea room, it is pretty small so its cozy. I heard there is another tea house around here in Rancho Cucamonga, but its all Christmas looking all year long. It still sounds really cute. I really like this place though.. and I picked up a few things..


The guy working there said the tea was a really good one. I also got a box of scone mix (maybe half I'll mix some raspberries/ blueberries with the mix) and some lemon curd. I can't wait to try it all soon :). Since I am on break I have time to make scones and other foods, so I am going to have a lot of fun with that. I opened the tea to smell... oh its perfect! It smells so light. It has little golden flecks in the leaves, the bag says from the hand-plucked tips of the leaves...yummmm..